Dan Grade Recognition

Recognition of Existing Dan Grades

In addition to a copy of the existing Dan grade we also need a copy of the Karate curriculum vitae for the applicant, after a detailed
review we will determine eligibility.
All Karate Curriculum vitae must be detailed and submitted
in English.

If after a review it has been determined that the original Dan Diploma or Certification was issued by a suspicious
organization, or circumstances the ISOK will not issue a
certification, and the application will be closed.
It can be reopened if new validated supporting documentation can be provided or in the event the applicant would like to take a Dan grade test from an ISOK STC member.

In order to apply for an ISOK Dan diploma, the candidate must
provide validated proof of years of experience.

4th-dan karate 15-20 years of experience.
5th-dan karate 20-25 years of experience
6th-dan karate 25-30 years of experience
7th-dan karate 30-35 years of experience
8th-dan karate 35-40 years of experience
9th-dan karate 40-45 years of experience
10th-dan karate 45-50 years of experience

Sample ISOK Dan Diploma with Official Seal

Dan registration fee

Cost associated to validate, produce and distribute a diploma after review.

・ 3rd-dan $125
・ 4th-dan $125
・ 5th-dan $125
・ 6th-dan $200
・ 7th-dan $250
・ 8th-dan $250
・ 9th-dan $300
・ 10th-dan $400