About ISOK

The ISOK was formed by a small group of high-ranking karate-ka with impeccable training backgrounds, each of whom was concerned at the growth of Karate schools that did not have proper credentials or training history, thus devaluing both the image and the effectiveness of the martial art of Karate.

Whilst recognizing that there would sometimes be a genuine reason why a student would break from their teacher, and possibly that school, ISOK was therefore established – much like the Butokukai in Japan – to act as a reference point for validation of rank and the accreditation  of  its members as legitimate holders of rank within a recognized system.

Since conception, ISOK has grown to include members on its Senior Technical Committee from different countries around the world, and is held in high esteem by those who see the value of its continued work.

As the current chairman and CEO, I am proud to be continuing the tradition of excellence established by the founding members and I look forward to welcoming new members to our ranks.

ISOK membership is open to black belt practitioners of Karate who are 18 years of age and older.

“Hanshi” Vince Morris 8th Dan Kissaki-Kai, 9th Dan ISOK

Please note in order to maintain the high level of membership integrity we require a legible copy of your dan diploma to review with your membership application. You will be contacted after you submit your application for this

($25 Membership fee required at time of application)

ISOK’s vision

ISOK is an international service organization for legitimate black belt practitioners and instructors who practice Okinawan and Japanese karate systems.

Our mandate is to help individual black belts manage their own karate progress and achieve success. We use a modern business model and international standards to interface directly with individual black belts.

ISOK is not a black belt ‘mill’. We assess and award rank based on the international standards of the Dai Nippon Butokukai and the International Martial Arts Federation.

Founding Members:

Leroy Rodrigues & Dr Bernd W.Weiss (deceased)

The Chief Operating Officer:

“Hanshi” Vince Morris, 9th Dan ISOK

Location: France

Email: ceo@isok.org


General Secretary:
Manages day-to-day business affairs of the organization and serves as contact point for members.

“Renshi” Robin Short, 5th Dan Shotokan and Kissaki Kai

Location: Katy, Texas, USA

Email: secretary@isok.org


Senior Technical Committee:

The Senior Technical Committee (STC) is the educational side of ISOK and is made up of senior yudansha from the general membership. STC members are respected, accomplished, senior and life-long martial artists who are 5th Dan and above. The STC gives ISOK members continuity, expertise and experience to draw on.